Philosophically thought out

We think a lot about what we do. Essentially, it can be concentrated in one sentence: “We want to reconcile the highest technical market requirements and business success at marketable prices with social responsibility towards employees, society and the environment.” In every respect, we build on relationships with our customers and suppliers that are based on partnership and long-term trust. Our qualified employees are highly motivated and take responsibility for implementing our zero-defect strategy on a daily basis. SDN is in a permanent process of improvement and change that encompasses all areas of the company, environmental protection, occupational safety and social responsibility towards employees and society.

Economic efficiency

Our goal is to always increase our profitability and make a profit. This sustainably secures the jobs of our employees and enables investments for the continuous growth of our company.

Social responsibility

Since 2009, we have been working closely with Lebenshilfe Rottweil in the assembly area. We have succeeded in integrating several jobs for people with disabilities into the daily work process within our company.

Partnership with our customers

The wishes and expectations of our customers are the focus of our actions. Absolute adherence to deadlines and striving for “zero defects” are our top priority. Friendliness, open communication and an unconditional desire to provide the best possible service are our top priorities.

Work safety

The occupational safety policy of SDN Präzisionstechnik GmbH pursues the goal of reducing the risks of accidents and the risks associated with handling hazardous substances and technical equipment to a minimum in order to protect the health of our employees, customers and service providers.

Qualified and motivated employees

The high standards we set for our products and services can only be guaranteed by qualified and highly motivated employees who are prepared to take a high degree of personal responsibility for ensuring and constantly improving the company’s standards.

We maintain an open, cooperative management style, work together as colleagues and thus create the basis for the greatest possible motivation and identification with the company. We expect a high level of motivation and a clear commitment to the “zero defect” strategy from our employees.

Ecological responsibility

Environmental protection is not just a slogan for us, we live it. By using a geothermal heating system and heat recovery from the exhaust air, we have succeeded in making our entire heating energy requirements free of fossil fuels.

Our cooling lubricant logistics enable us to recover 97% of the cooling lubricants we use. By using a data management system, we have realised the paperless office.


Quality assurance is an essential management obligation and an ongoing task of the management, all managers and each individual employee. All employees bear responsibility for their performance.

Sponsoring Disabled Sports

We support Marcus Sieger, runner-up in the 2014 World Championships and runner-up in the 2013 European Championships in wheelchair table tennis, as well as a participant in the 2010 Paralympics in curling and a World Championship bronze medallist in 2009.

Constant improvement

To realise our “zero-defect” strategy, we see it as a task and a challenge to question what exists and to achieve our goals by continuously improving our products, processes and services. For us, the analysis of problems and recognised errors is the opportunity to innovate and to sustainably strengthen our competitiveness.

Our guiding principle: Every job should be done right from the start.

This not only improves the quality of the products, but also reduces costs and conserves resources.